Do you have a scalable idea and are you looking for support to bring your research to market? Or do you need business support for your feasibility study?

For scientists, doctors, and other employees of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht, we organize a free and part-time 10-month program with workshops and coaching. You'll learn about the most important topics related to starting a business and you be supported by industry experts.



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  3. March 30: Announcement selection 1
  4. April 2: Pitch & announcement selection 2
  5. April 12: Start program


DISCLAIMER: We expect to host our programs at UtrechtInc. However, if government ruling prevent us from doing so, we will move everything to an online environment.

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1. Funding

Pitch during Demo Day for the Rabo Pre-seed Fund and a loan up to €68.000.

2. Mentorship

Individual coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and executives and group sessions with the other startups.

3. Personal and team development

We guide startups, not just with their business, but also on a personal level. We help you in finding a complementary team.

4. Design your value proposition

Collaborate with you team on a value proposition your customers can't say 'no' to.

5. Office space

We offer a space in our co-working space or an office amongst the startups.

6. Network of graduates

After the program, you will become part of a network of 100+ startups who've been through the program themselves. You are free to access our experts and you will be invited to exclusive graduate events.

7. Learn to pitch

During the program, you regularly practice your 2-minute pitch, so that you are always ready to deliver your story in the best possible way.


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Rutger Tulleken

CEO AMT Medical


Wietse Mulder



Dick Sietses

Partner Health Innovations


Karen Kragt

Partner/Co-founder van der Laan & Co



1. Why should we participate in the validation program?

If you are ready to find out if there is a market question for your solution. If you don't want to walk around with your idea for 3 years, but want to go for it, today, then the validation program is a big step forward. In 10 years, we have organized multiple programs and with that built an extensive network of mentors and experts, with which market validation can be accomplished within several months. Next to that, we are based in Utrecht and the heart of the Netherlands.

2. We already have a couple of customers and even raised funding. Are we still a fit?

The validation program helps you towards a strong team, the best customers, and your first investment. If you already have these, our accelerator program will be a better fit.

3. I am the only founder. Can I apply?

For our program, we are looking for entrepreneurs who want to validate their solution, which is also possible as a solo founder. We do believe in the strength of a team, so during the program we support your search for a co-founder.

4. We already have a team? Should we still apply?

The program is mainly focused on validation of your solution, so even if you already have a team, it is highly relevant to participate. With more co-founders you can validate even faster.

5. How much funding do we receive from UtrechtInc?

Startups and entrepreneurs do not get funding from UtrechtInc. You do get to pitch during Demo Day for the Rabo Pre-seed Fund for a loan up to €68.000.

6. What kind of startups are you looking for?

We are looking for startups with a scalable idea. This always includes technology and in 99% software as well. If you are not a developer yourself, but you can build an MVP with existing tools, you are also welcome and during the program we will support your search for a tech co-founder.

7. What variables influence your decision who gets to participate and who doesn't?

We are here for teams with at least 1 researcher, student, or alumnus affiliated with the UU, HU or UMC U. Next to that, we believe in the strength of a great team. It is important that you run a creative team with motivation and potential. We also take a look at how innovative your idea is. Your idea doesn't have to be completely new, but your implementation needs to be unique. You don't have any customers yet, maybe a potential launching customer, and you are looking for ways to change the world.

8. Where will the program take place?

UtrechtInc's validation program takes place in Utrecht, in the heart of the country. Known for its canals, happy citizens, and thousands of students. After the introduction you will spend halve a day at UtrechtInc, so that you can work from wherever you want for the rest of the week.

9. What does the program cost?

The program is completely free. Plus, we do not take equity in your startup. We even give you a discount to our co-working space or to an office, during the program. In case your startup goes sky high, we ask for a success fee over years 3, 4, and 5 after participation in the program. The exact fee will will vary depending on your revenue, so that you as a startup are not bothered by it.

10. I have other questions!?

For more questions, contact us and we're happy to help.


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