Startup community


for post-validation startups



UtrechtInc’s Foundership is a startup community for post-validation, scalable startups. Recognizing the varying needs and growth rates of startups at this stage, the Foundership provides a membership-based structure that puts you in control. Join our thriving community and access on-demand services that grow with you, from just a few months to several years. Come aboard the Foundership today and navigate the valley of death with confidence!


The foundership includes:

Peer network

Collaborate, inspire, and share insights with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Expert training

Hone your skills in areas like funding, finance, sales, and more.

Live events

Attend inspiring talks, hear the real stories, and network over drinks.

Mentor access

Call on the expertise of 100+ mentors across diverse fields.

Service partners

Book free monthly consultations with professional service providers including lawyers, accountants, subsidy advisors, and more from our 14+ partner network.

Progress sessions

Stay on track in our monthly progress sessions.

Talent access

Grow your team by finding interns, co-founders, and employees.

Investor access

Connect with both formal and informal investors to fuel your growth.

Templates & deals

Access up-to-date legal & financial templates and exclusive deals from companies like AWS and Google.

Office facilities

Enjoy a vibrant work environment with meeting spaces, Wi-Fi, and great coffee.

* Some expert trainings and renting office facilities are paid extras that you can add to your membership when relevant.

Cost & Availability

  • The Foundership membership is priced at €75/month and can be cancelled anytime.
  • Please note, this service is exclusively for startups in the Utrecht area that are a fit with the UtrechtInc ecosystem.


  • I am a solo founder. Can I still apply?

    Yes, as a single founder, you are allowed to apply to our programs. However, we are firm believers in strong and diverse teams, so we encourage you to start looking for team members as soon as possible. One of the ways we can help you is through our talent-matching events.

  • Does UtrechtInc help me with investments and funding?

    UtrechtInc does not invest itself in startups. We have a large network of formal and informal investors and we have a good understanding of the funding landscape. Through UtrechtInc, program participants can apply for a soft loan from the Rabo Pre-seed Fund, for an amount up to €68,000.

  • Where will the program take place?

    The Foundership community activities take place at UtrechtInc and occasionally online. UtrechtInc is located at Utrecht Science Park. This is the largest science park in the Netherlands, with the highest concentration of knowledge institutions within a small surface area. Besides that, the Utrecht region has the highest density of startups per capita in the Netherlands.