About us

At UtrechtInc, we empower entrepreneurship as a catalyst for innovative solutions and significant societal impact. Our mission centres around propelling the growth of startups by cultivating an environment characterized by dynamism, support, and a spirit of creativity and innovation.

As a top 10 global university-linked startup incubator, we cater to the needs of science and student entrepreneurs across all stages. We provide an assortment of programs and resources designed to aid entrepreneurs in transforming their ideas into viable businesses.

Our commitment at UtrechtInc is to create and maintain an engaged, inclusive community of entrepreneurs – individuals who are making tangible contributions to a better future. UtrechtInc was founded in 2009 as a not-for-profit organization by the joint knowledge institutes of Utrecht. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an experienced scientist, we extend an invitation to join us in this exhilarating entrepreneurial adventure. Together, let’s create, innovate, and revolutionize the future.



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Vacature: Community & Operations coordinator?

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Would you like to become a Student Startup Scout too?