Validation program for


from idea to startup

DEADLINE: 30 September 2024


From a student with an idea to a thriving startup with UtrechtInc’s Student Validation Program. Crafted for entrepreneurial students, this program is your launchpad to market validation. Our free, 8-week program helps you develop your entrepreneurial skills and is the journey towards understanding your customer, product, and business model, providing actionable insights for your next steps.

The Student Validation Program framework includes masterclasses, coaching and events focussing on the validation of your startup concept.

You spend about one morning or afternoon per week on masterclasses or progress sessions, guided by personalized coaching from the UtrechtInc team.

The student validation program includes:


Individual coaching – Benefit from one-on-one coaching from the dedicated UtrechtInc team.

Team development – We nurture not just your business, but also your personal growth. We assist in building a complementary team.

Value proposition design – Collaborate with your team to design a compelling value proposition, creating an offering your customers can’t resist.

Coworking space – Enjoy the dynamic environment of our coworking space and work among other startups.

Cost & Availability

  • The program is free for students in the Utrecht region.
  • We run the validation programs twice per year.

Next edition

  • Application deadline: 30 September 2024
  • Selection onepagers: 1 October 2024
  • Selection pitches: 3 October 2024 (morning)
  • Start date: 15 October 2024
  • Graduation day: Mid December 2024


  • I am a solo founder. Can I still apply?

    Yes, as a single founder, you are allowed to apply to our programs. However, we are firm believers in strong and diverse teams, so we encourage you to start looking for team members as soon as possible. One of the ways we can help you is through our talent-matching events.

  • What kind of startups are you looking for?

    UtrechtInc specializes in scalable technology innovations with a focus on health, sustainability, education and AI. If you are doubting whether or not your idea falls into one of these categories, please feel free to contact the UtrechtInc team.

  • Where will the program take place?

    UtrechtInc’s validation program takes place in our incubator which is located at Utrecht Science Park. This is the largest science park in the Netherlands, with the highest concentration of knowledge institutions within a small surface area. Besides that, the Utrecht region has the highest density of startups per capita in the Netherlands.

  • Does UtrechtInc take equity in my startup?

    UtrechtInc does not take equity in your startup. However, startups with a revenue over €150k, pay a small success fee in years 3,4 and 5 after participation in the program.

  • Can I do an internship in my own startup?

    Twice a year UtrechtInc provides one opportunity for a student to do an internship in their own startup. The selection criteria for such internships are more strict than for the program itself. The startup idea should be for a scalable technology startup that fits perfectly with UtrechtInc’s focus areas. Typically an internship would start 1 or 2 months before the start of the program itself and would continue for 2 months after the program ends. Participation in the program is obligated. UtrechtInc provides an internship mentor for the total period. If you are interested in this please contact UtrechtInc a few months before your internship needs to start. It is your responsibility to check whether the exams committee of your education would allow for such an internship