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Graduation of Three Validation programs

Last month, we were pleased to announce the graduation of not one, not two, but THREE of our validation programs.


On the 30th of June, our Science Batch Fall ’21, Student Batch Spring ’22, and Tech Batch Spring ’22 celebrated successfully finalizing their validation programs. The founders pitched their start-ups, exchanged their experiences, and had some celebratory drinks. Overall, it was a great success!

The focus of the program was to gain validation for your business idea, talk to customers, and find your problem-solution fit. Take a look at graduate Deeplo AI for example. They created a platform that makes it easier for candidates to find jobs while also offering a solution to companies for the shortage of skilled tech professionals. 

As a result of the program, over these past three months they have:

– Had validation meetings with over 50 companies

– Grown their talent network with 10+ universities in the Netherlands

– Interviewed many candidates, job-seekers, and students

– Received lots of feedback and continuous support from their mentors


Curious about the other graduates? Down below you will find a short list of all this month’s graduates and what they do.


Cory care: Cory Care is a data and AI-driven eHealth platform focused on vitality, prevention, and (mental) care. The users have 24/7 access via chat (and video) to doctors (Health experts), lifestyle coaches, dieticians, sleep coaches, and psychologists. The health team offers personal guidance from a virtual clinic.


Sparqle: Sparqle is a tech-driven instant delivery solution ensuring the best-in-class sustainable delivery experience.


Cryocloud: CryoCloud aims to simplify all steps from data to structure, and remove all bottlenecks of data analysis by moving it to the cloud. This removes entry barriers for new researchers and faciliates analysis for everybody.


Biadvan: A platform company to generate new oncological therapeutics.


Siliconomics: A tool that allows non-technical biologists to prepare genetics data and make it ready for scientific analyses.


Space accountants: ​​Satellite imagery for environmental analyses.


MedxAI: They deliver best-in-class machine learning products to healthcare practitioners, from concept to certification, in close collaboration with medical domain experts.


PS Anitbodies: They provide the tools to reproduce circulating Abs, selected to be produced by the human immune system.


Clara: IoT en AI powered screening for Cervical cancer.


Babble: Babble is a web app that helps streamers from platforms like Twitch and YouTube to engage with their audiences through innovative add-ons.


Roco: This is a platform for sharing and storing personal recommendations for friends, keeping track of consumption, and giving and receiving feedback on them from your friends.


BizzFit: Instead of companies having to find new ways to motivate their employees to exercise, or hiring vitality consultants, their aim is to offer a single solution that encourages employees to exercise using their platform: BizzFit.


Circlehand: Software for second-hand stores that to synchronise their store-based inventory with an online shop.


Crosswork: Crosswork automatically matches verified like-minded peers based on experiences and preferences, powered by AI.


Simplyso: A social media which will offer what other social media are lacking in objective content, by balancing objectivity, social aspects and accessibility in one easy-to-use package.


Sparks: An app that acts as a personal assistant for your social and love life, providing memories and inspiration to keep your relationships strong in busy times.


Florina: Florina is an app to help people make combinations of their own clothes.


StudentSwap: Studentswap matches students with a student dorm room who want to explore each other’s country.


Published July 2022