The Foundership is a startup community for post-validation scalable startups in Utrecht.

We believe that startups after the validation stage have different needs and grow at different speeds. The Foundership is not a fixed, linear program, but based on a membership structure where you are in the driver's seat. 

The Foundership is a vibrant community with on-demand services available whenever you need them. Some startups stay in the community for a few months, others for a few years.

The Foundership includes:

  • Peers - challenge each other, inspire, share learnings, connect and have fun
  • Live events - inspiring speakers, real stories and networking drinks
  • Access to Mentors - more than experienced 130 mentors in different fields
  • Access to Talent - expand your team, find interns, co-founders and employees.
  • Access to Investors - we know the formal and informal ones
  • Templates & Deals - find up-to-date legal & financial templates, as well as deals from AWS, Google, etc.
  • Service partners - get free consults every month with professionals like lawyers,  accountants, subsidy advisors or any of our 14 other partners
  • Progress sessions - for a dose of discipline, join our monthly progress sessions with peers
  • Office facilities* - meet, work, wifi and great coffee
  • Coaching* - challenge your thinking through individual coaching sessions
  • Expert trainings* - increase your skills in funding, finance, sales, etc

*To personalize the offerings as much as possible, we have chosen to make coaching, certain expert trainings and office facilities paid extras that you can add to your membership when relevant.


Cost & availability

The Foundership costs €75/month and can be canceled every month.

  • As an early bird promotion, for March, April and May 2023 the Foundership fee will be only €50/month.

This service is only available for startups located in the Utrecht area.

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1. Funding

Startups do not get funding from UtrechtInc. When a startup is ready, they get to pitch for the Rabo Pre-seed Fund for soft loan up to €68.000.

2. Mentorship & coaching

Individual coaching and mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and executives, combined with group sessions with the other startups.

3. Personal and team development

We guide startups, not just with their business, but also on a personal level. We help you in finding a complementary team.

4. Scale your sales-machine

Collaborate with our experts and graduates on setting up and expanding your current sales funnel in a smart and focussed way. After that, it's ABC - Always Be Closing.

5. Office space

We offer a desk in our co-working space or an office amongst the startups.

6. Network of graduates

After the program, you will become part of a network of 100+ startups who've been through the program themselves. You are free to access our experts and you will be invited to exclusive graduate events.

7. Learn to ace your pitch

During the program, you regularly practice your 1-minute pitch, so that you are always ready to deliver the right story in the best possible way.


Jan Thij Bakker



Carla Muters

Board Member NHG


Frans Jonker



Tarique Arsiwalla

Co-founder Protix




Various investors are looking for relevant startups through the UtrechtInc programs. Our affiliated investors include but are not limited to, RabobankNewion InvestmentsPeak CapitalVolta VenturesStart Green CapitalThuja CapitalClimate KIC, Value Creation Capital, and TIIN Capital. We will gladly connect you with them. We also keep you up to date on investor events organized by Startup Utrecht.


1. Why should we participate in the accelerator?

Wen your team is geared up to turn your company into a fastgrowing startup, the UtrechtInc accelerator is a big step forward. We have a 10 years of experience running startup programs, during which we also built an extensive network of mentors and experts. We are also based in Utrecht and therefore in the heart of the Netherlands.

2. We already have several customers and we've already raised funding. Are we still a fit?

Absolutely. Your current customers and investors probably want you to participate in our program, because they know the support you will get. We support you in creating your value proposition for the next stage, in how to open doors, how to take care of the next round of funding, and how to use marketing & PR for scalable growth.

3. I am the only founder. Can I apply?

For our accelerator program, we are looking for startups with a team and customers. The program, let alone the stage you are in right now, needs a strong team, which is why this is a critical point for our selection process. You and your co-founders need to have complementary skills and a positive atmosphere to make your startup a huge success.

4. How much funding do we receive from UtrechtInc?

Startups and entrepreneurs do not get funding from UtrechtInc. When a startup is ready, they get to pitch for the Rabo Pre-seed Fund for soft loan up to €68.000.

6. What kind of startups are you looking for?

We are looking for startups with a highly scalable tech idea. This always includes technology and in 99% software as well. This is because we support companies who are looking for ways to change the world rapidly and globally.

7. What variables influence your decision who gets to participate and who doesn't?

We are here for teams with at least 1 researcher, student, or alumnus affiliated with the UU, HU or UMC U. Next to that, we believe in the strength of a great team. It is important that you run a creative team with motivation and potential. We also take a look at how innovative your idea is. Your idea doesn't have to be completely new, but your implementation needs to be unique. You have a team, your first customer(s), and a working product, plus you are looking for ways to go from 1 to 10 customers or from 1.000 to 100.000 users. Plus, with our program, you will be guided towards your first or next round of funding.

8. Where will the program take place?

UtrechtInc's Acceleration program takes place in Utrecht, in the heart of the country. Known for its canals, happy citizens, and thousands of students. After the introduction, you will spend half a day at UtrechtInc, so that you can work from wherever you want for the rest of the week.

9. What does the program cost?

Applicants for the accelerator program pay €1.499 per team. In case your startup goes sky-high, we ask for a success fee over years 3, 4, and 5 after participating in the program. The exact fee will vary depending on your revenue, so that you as a startup are not bothered by it.

10. I have other questions!?

For more questions, contact us and we're happy to help.