Meet UtrechtInc

Meet UtrechtInc

Meet UtrechtInc


UtrechtInc, H.R. Kruyt building
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht


20 May 2021 17:00 - 17:30

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20 May 2021

From idea or research to startup

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We support scientists, first-time founders, and students with scalable ideas to build them into fast-growing tech startups.

During Meet UtrechtInc, you’ll talk to entrepreneurs and you’ll be introduced to the world of the incubator by the team of UtrechtInc.


16:30 | Tour & introduction incubator
17:00 | Feedback on your business idea and ambitions
17:30 | Open community drinks with in house entrepreneurs and scientists

*Corona changed our agenda and format. Register for the following session to get the current details.

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For entrepreneurs

  • with a (scalable) business idea or an existing startup

For scientists (Researcher, PhD, PostDoc, …)

  • who see business potential in their research (academic spin-off?)
  • who want to get a taste of (parttime) entrepreneurship
  • who are looking for a partner/entrepreneur who can bring their research to market

About UtrechtInc

UtrechtInc is the startup incubator of Utrecht and top 10 university linked incubator of the world. We are connected to Utrecht University, the Utrecht University Medical Center, and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

We have already helped 230 startups of entrepreneurs and scientists to go to market, obtain their first paying customers and scale. In 2020 these companies represent 2.000+ active job positions and generated a collective turnover of well over €100+ million.

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