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Dutch incubators start free online and mentor-backed program

Our free online startup program StartupLeap is launched today. I want to share with you why we’re doing this.

With StartupLeap, a large group of incubators and entrepreneurial organizations, provides access to world-class speakers, experienced mentors, and a unique group of peers, regardless of your financial, time, or geographical constraints.

To counter the argument that building a startup isn’t for everyone, we’re collaboratively launching Europe’s first free online and mentor-backed startup program. So anyone can build their startup, anywhere anytime.

The program contains:

  • 10 weekly online lectures by successful startup founders and investors, including Jacqueline van den Ende (Peak Capital) and Jorg Kop (founder Snappcar & Managing Director UtrechtInc)
  • 10 weekly online group sessions with other startup founders, hosted by experienced startup founders
  • Participants join a community of ambitious early-stage startup founders

StartupLeap focuses on tech startups, think marketplaces, SaaS, e-commerce, and much more. We are open to all founders currently working on a startup, or about to start one.

Thinking about joining or do you know someone who should? Apply before February 3rd. The program runs from the 10th of February till the 24th of April.

StartupLeap is made possible by: TechLeap, The Next Women (Amsterdam), ECE (Rotterdam), UtrechtInc (Utrecht), Novel T (Enschede), SBIC (Noordwijk), Braventures (Noord-Brabant), Dutch SE, UU Center for Entrepreneurship, StartupUtrecht, and Inqubator (Leeuwarden).