Building a successful startup is as much about finding the right talent as it is about having a great idea. We firmly believe that a passionate and skilled team is the cornerstone of any thriving startup. With the right team in place, your startup can not only accelerate its growth, but also overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and continuously innovate.

Success is about humans

Whether you are looking for a co-founder, hiring your first employee, or seeking interns and working students, attracting top talent is crucial. Co-founders can complement your skills and share the entrepreneurial journey, while dedicated employees can drive operations and bring your vision to life. Meanwhile, interns and working students can bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and the latest academic insights. We are here to help you attract, recruit, and retain the talent you need to succeed. Our supportive startup community encourages knowledge-sharing and collaboration, creating a vibrant environment that attracts and retains talent.

Building your dream team is a journey, and we are here to assist you along the way. By leveraging our network, we can help you assemble a team that shares your startup’s vision, passion, and ambition for success.


Junior Electrical Engineer

We are seeking an enthusiastic Junior or Medior Electrical Engineer to join our young and driven team in developing our Dutch-designed ultra-smart home battery called Planetpod.

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Sales and Account Manager

Would you like to work in a startup with ambitious goals? Do you enjoy working in a small and young, but above all cozy team? Then the Sales and Account Manager function is for you!

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Head of Growth

Lalaland seeks an experienced Head of Growth with 2-3 years of startup/scale-up experience to drive customer acquisition. The role involves strategizing and discovering repeatable growth opportunities, with the support of a Content Lead and collaboration with the Head of Product. The position offers freedom, flexibility, and the chance to build a team.

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Klinisch Specialist

We are a medical technology company. Our cutting-edge solution combines advanced machine learning algorithms with easy-to-use bedside tools to help healthcare professionals quickly and accurately identify patients at risk. We are seeking a highly motivated and sales-oriented Clinical Specialist to join our dynamic team.

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Product Manager

As Product Manager at Sensorfact you are responsible for a value-stream team that owns (part(s) of) a product. At this moment we have the biggest need for product managers for our new propositions.

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Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager at Brainial, your role is to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. You understand customer needs, guide them in using our product, and provide valuable feedback. Requirements include experience in a customer-focused role, knowledge of AI/ML, and proficiency in English and Dutch.

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Leermiddelen Ontwikkelaar

You create the teaching materials for all those thousands of students and teachers. You determine the content of the unique learning experience we offer on our platform. You brainstorm themes from A to Z and develop content for engaging educational videos and hands-on activities. You are creative, critical, and willing to go the extra mile. Our goal is to make teaching a celebration for the teacher. Is that challenge enough for you?

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Machine Learning Engineer - AI team

Join our new AI team, focusing on building and training machine learning models to enhance product features. Utilize the latest in machine learning, including large language models, model fine-tuning, and reinforcement learning. Work also involves optimizing data pipelines for training.

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B2B Sales & Marketing

The B2B Marketer's role involves implementing an international inbound and outbound strategy. They must be fluent in Dutch, German, and English, and will directly engage with B2B customers, securing deals and partnerships. The responsibilities include handling the entire process from initial contact to deal closure and devising ways to automate tasks. Additionally, they will support various tasks within the B2B team.

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UX/UI Designer

We’re looking for a Designer UX/UI with a strong foundation in design, who can exhibit the capability to delve into problems comprehensively and operate as a communicative and collaborative team member, contributing to the development of elegant, user-friendly solutions.

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Marketing Specialist

BikeFlip seeks a Marketing Specialist to boost monthly subscriptions. The role involves creating and optimizing marketing campaigns, utilizing digital channels, and analyzing results for growth opportunities. Independent work is encouraged, with potential for future leadership in the fast-growing start-up. Remote work is an option.

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