The right funding at the right time

Securing the right funding and investors for your startup is crucial to fuel its growth and success. We understand that each startup’s journey and funding needs are unique. Therefore, we are dedicated to guiding startups in navigating the intricate world of startup finance, and connecting them to potential investors and funding sources.

While UtrechtInc doesn’t invest herself, our comprehensive knowledge of the investment ecosystem allows us to help startups find the right funding fit. Our broad network includes both formal and informal investors who have an interest in supporting innovative ventures. Formal investors, such as venture capitalists and institutional investors, offer significant capital for scaling operations. Informal investors, also known as angel investors, can provide funding as well as strategic advice and mentorship, based on their wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

Besides equity-based investment, we also assist startups in exploring other funding options. These include loans that provide capital without diluting ownership, grants for specific research and development initiatives, and subsidies that can significantly reduce operational costs. Remember, finding the right funding is not just about acquiring capital; it’s about forming strategic partnerships that can boost your startup’s visibility, credibility, and market reach.

Here at UtrechtInc, our goal is to provide startups with the knowledge and connections needed to secure the funding that aligns with their growth plans and long-term vision. Our expertise and guidance can help you make informed decisions and pave the way for your startup’s success. Let’s embark on this funding journey together.

Investment fund for start-ups in life sciences & health

Utrecht Health Seed Fund
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The Rabo Pre-seed Fund offers a soft loan of up to €68K

Rabo Pre-seed Fund
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ROM Utrecht region has several investment funds available

ROM Utrecht region
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Dealroom has a good overview of investors

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Startup Fountain has a good overview of investors

Startup Fountain
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FundsUp can help find the right early-stage investor

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Leapfunder can help find the right angel investor

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Money Meets Ideas can help find the right informal investor

Money Meets Ideas
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Investment loan for innovative start-ups

Rabo Innovatielening
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