Entrepreneurial visionary combines ethics, innovation, and science in startup scouting mission

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in her fourth year, Juliet focuses on science and innovation management, specifically in the area of medical advances. Her academic path was influenced by her attraction to the moral dimensions of innovation. When Juliet realized how closely her studies linked to the university’s thriving medical business sector, her curiosity grew even further. “For me, it’s all about the ethical side of innovation,” Juliet explains. 

I’ve always been very interested in that. I started diving into that type of thing deeper, and it came up a lot in my lectures because, obviously, the university closely invests in many medical startups.

Scouting the future in the trenches of innovation

How did your family influence your entrepreneurial journey?

Juliet comes from a line of entrepreneurial people, especially her father, who has always been a creative thinker. Therefore it’s not a surprise that Juliet’s interest in businesses and innovation was sparked by her family, but her passion grew independently. She was able to learn more about innovation management and science by selecting these subjects for her study.

“I think I did get some of it from home, but not all of it. It’s mostly just a personal interest,” Juliet shares. Her quest for knowledge fueled her curiosity and allowed her to hone her interests.

How does your role fit into your long-term aspirations on a professional and personal level?

Juliet holds with great gratitude that her career aspirations and her academic goals align nicely as a student startup scout at UtrechtInc. In the future, she sees herself launching a business, but she stresses the need of having a solid, thoroughly thought-out concept first.

“I’m very interested in starting a company myself one day, but I’m not the type of person to just readily find an idea and just go for it. So I need a strong idea first,” Juliet affirms. Her strategy emphasizes how crucial it is to do extensive study and get ready before starting a business.

Juliet anticipates herself remaining in the innovative area and pursuing her entrepreneurial enthusiasm as she mulls over her career and plans for the future. She wants to have a good influence, whether she does it by founding her own business or working for an organization with a clear mission.

“I do want to stay in the innovative field,” Juliet asserts. Her time at UtrechtInc is not only helping her to define her professional path, but it also rekindled her passion for entrepreneurship and startups.

How do you contribute to promoting the student validation program at UtrechtInc?

Juliet’s role as a student startup scout primarily revolves around promoting the student validation program both online and offline. She, along with her team, presents lectures and organizes workshops at social events and career days to engage students and introduce them to the opportunities within the program.

Although Juliet acknowledges that the latest edition of the student validation program has just started, she recognizes the impact they’ve made so far. The program’s growth on social media platforms is a testament to the team’s efforts. The network they’re building is contributing to the development of student startups, cultivating an entrepreneurial attitude among the student community.

“I think that proves that we have grown. At least we’ve gained four hundred followers after two months,” Juliet notes. The team’s dedication is evident in their efforts to increase visibility and promote the program.

How have you facilitated cross-cultural communication?

Working closely with international students has exposed Juliet to diverse cultural perspectives. This experience has enriched her understanding of how different cultures perceive startups and entrepreneurship. She finds it fascinating to observe the variations in attitudes toward startups and how cultures influence the approach to entrepreneurship.

“I think that through talking with all these (international students), I discovered that there are more people interested in the entrepreneurial sector than I thought,” Juliet notes. She also identifies a growing demand among students for internships and jobs within startup companies, emphasizing the need for more opportunities within this field.

What unexpected aspects of UtrechtInc’s work culture surprised you?

UtrechtInc’s unconventional and open-minded work culture pleasantly surprised Juliet, who initially expected a more rigid corporate environment. The emphasis on encouraging innovation and allowing individuals to learn from their mistakes has been a remarkable aspect of her experience.

“Everybody just does a bit of everything. Each of us has specific jobs to carry out but it’s nice to be able to count on the UtrechtInc team and the other scouts for support, no matter what,” Juliet says. The dynamic and collaborative atmosphere at UtrechtInc has reshaped her perception of work environments, promoting personal and professional growth.

One experience that Juliet finds particularly memorable in her role as a student startup scout was going to the Meet UtrechtInc event. This encounter exemplified the supportive and close-knit community at the heart of UtrechtInc’s culture. The occasion demonstrated the value of networking and teamwork in a vibrant and welcoming setting.

I think that really illustrated the character of Meet UtrechtInc. It’s just very casual talking together with all these different people which is a nice break from formal day-to-day conversations.

What guidance would you offer to those considering the role of a student startup scout?

Juliet advises aspiring student startup scouts to embrace UtrechtInc’s open and flexible attitude and develop a well-structured plan. In order to have a thorough awareness of the programme and its community, she stresses the need of attending meetings, workshops, and presentations. It’s crucial to immerse oneself in the UtrechtInc community to truly grasp the essence of the organization.

Just do it, make a plan, and try to start off with a structure or make a bit of planning for the coming months.


Posted November 2023