Empowering Innovation: UtrechtInc Has Supported Nearly 400 Startups

UtrechtInc stands as a leading global university-linked startup incubator, fostering early-stage, scalable technology startups across health, sustainability, education, and artificial intelligence. Our startups are founded by local researchers, medical doctors, students, and entrepreneurs. To guide our startups through the ideation, validation, and acceleration phases, we provide specialized programs tailored to their stage and field. Additionally, our network of over 100 mentors and experts stands ready to guide the founders through every new challenge on their entrepreneurial journey. Currently, we’re home to over 35 startups utilizing our office and co-working spaces.

Our Impact

Since we are working together with our community towards a better future, we think it is important to celebrate their success, and they are achieving a lot! Did you know that we’ve supported nearly 400 startups? That close to 250 individuals have graduated from our programs? And that our startups have created more than 6000 new jobs?

Let’s break down the numbers:

  • 396 startups supported
  • 242 graduates
  • A remarkable 61% survival rate
  • Secured €5.4 billion in funding
  • Generated €1.7 billion in revenue in 2023
  • Supported 101 startups through the Rabo Pre-seed Fund (totalling €4.1 million)
  • Created 6,100 jobs

Check out all the results below.

Posted March 2024