Revolutionizing the sharing economy: Anja's journey with Buurbak

BuurBak stands out as a distinctive player in the world of creative businesses, revolutionizing how consumers view and use neighborhood trailers. Anja Wolters, a vibrant personality and one of BuurBak’s founders, revealed the interesting tale behind the enterprise.

Anja, a graduate in Communication and Multimedia Design, found herself investing a great deal of time and energy into BuurBak during her time at university. Reflecting on her journey, she exclaims, “I’ve put a lot of work into it. It’s been quite a ride.” It all started with a classmate, Michiel van den Hazel, who owned a trailer and wished for a simpler way to rent it out. Anja’s eyes light up as she recalls, “We wanted to go beyond just one person’s trailer. We spoke to over 200 people and discovered there are over 1 million trailers in the Netherlands, mostly idle over 99% of the time.”

Let’s make trailers a community asset.

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Trailblazing the peer-to-peer path with a pricing purpose

While gas stations may offer trailer rentals, BuurBak stands apart by concentrating on the community. “We want people with their own trailers to share them,” Anja says enthusiastically. β€œIt’s peer-to-peer, and there’s no need to develop new trailers. It’s all about making use of what’s already there.” She emphasizes the environmental and social elements, imagining trailers as a way for neighbors to interact. “It’s not just about renting a trailer; it’s about fostering community bonds,” she explains, drawing a comparison to impersonal petrol station transactions.

We investigate BuurBak’s economics since we’re curious about their pricing strategy. “Renters set their own prices, but we guide them based on the market,” Anja explains. Given their direct customer-to-customer business, they aspire to be 21% less expensive than the average. She adds that the purpose is not only altruistic.

We do want to grow, and in the future, a small service fee will help us expand and improve our platform.

Overcoming startup hurdles

Anja speaks openly about the difficulties they’ve encountered, particularly the lack of external finance. “Right now, it’s our time and effort. If the pilot is successful, we will seek funds to begin our expansion.” She discusses working with ICT students to create the platform and hints to future recruiting requirements. “We can’t pay freelancers right now, but an IT specialist may become important to our team in the future,” she adds, underscoring the company’s resource limits.

Facing fears and stepping out of the comfort zone

Discussing the personal side of entrepreneurship, Anja opens up about facing fears. “In every situation, fear is present, but you have to face it. It’s like speaking English; it’s uncomfortable at first, but it broadens your horizons.” She encourages aspiring founders, saying, “If you want to start, don’t hesitate. Face your fears because that’s where growth happens.”

Navigating legal waters

According to Anja, navigating the vast web of legal complexities offers an overwhelming task for BuurBak. Recognising the complexities, she shares, “We received assistance from the Utrecht Law Clinic, recognising the need for comprehensive legal documentation such as terms of service and privacy statements.” Though dealing with these legal complexities without specialized expertise is difficult, it is a learning experience for any startup.

Expanding beyond legal considerations, Anja goes into safety concerns within the BuurBak platform. In an ideal scenario, the company aims to assist with disputes, yet Anja admits, “Currently, we find ourselves in a complex realm where providing such assistance is challenging.” She envisions a proactive approach, describing a future platform where users confidently share photos depicting their trailer’s condition. However, she clarifies that the detailed verification process supporting this vision is still in the developmental stages.

We aspire to establish transparency by encouraging users to document their trailer’s condition. However, the creation of a comprehensive verification process is still in progress.

Beyond trailers: The future vision

Anja reveals the larger concept for BuurBak as the conversation progresses. “We want to expand throughout the Netherlands, then into Germany and Belgium, and eventually into other countries. We don’t simply want trailers; we want to offer varied items like horse trailers to build a sustainable sharing economy.”

Lessons from UtrechtInc and future endeavors

Anja recalls the essential coaching sessions during their stay at UtrechtInc throughout the Student Validation Programme. “Stefan’s advice and network were invaluable. It was made clear what we needed to do to become a great startup.” She believes the programme is critical for prospective entrepreneurs: “If you want to validate your startup idea and figure out if you’re cut out for this, go for it.”

Crafting a unique partnership

BuurBak’s strength stems from the interactions between Anja and Michiel, two founders with contrasting personalities. “Being different is an advantage; you learn from each other. It adds depth to what we offer.” She emphasizes the significance of team development, admitting that their collaboration may have improved further if they had spent more time together during the programme.

Charting a course for sustainable growth

BuurBak is undoubtedly on a path to long-term growth, emerging from startup obstacles to forge lifelong community relationships. As the dialogue comes to a close, Anja muses on BuurBak’s journey. “We have no regrets, but perhaps automating the platform sooner could have accelerated our progress. We’re more than a business; we’re a community-driven movement, and we want to make it easier for people to share resources.”

Anja’s passion for sustainability and community is evident in every word. As BuurBak looks ahead, envisioning a future where neighborhoods share more than just trailers, Anja Wolters stands at the forefront of this transformative movement. The journey may have begun with trailers, but the destination holds the promise of a connected, sharing society fostered by the spirit of BuurBak.


Posted December 2023