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All 20 startups from UtrechtInc’s Fall batches

In the last several weeks close to 100 startups have gone through a thorough selection process to be accepted into one of our three validation programs or our acceleration program.

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We’ll undoubtedly be reporting on some of these startups as they move forward, but for now here are all the 20 companies who got selected for the Fall batches.

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Friday Energy: Smart energy storage & sharing. Clean and affordable energy for anyone.

Goin’: Connect now with the people you’ll meet at your destination.

MeterInsight: Our mission is to help companies towards a more sustainable future MeterInsight provides their own Cloud platform that empowers companies to decrease the time to market of their new innovations. It also allows companies to focus all of their efforts on the actual innovation, without having to worry about the technical implementation. Our vision is that in the future, different companies can easily plug into our platform to quickly create scalable and maintainable solutions for their customers.

Patiëntenbegrijpen: Our sollutions decrease pressure on patients, family, and caretakers by improving communication between them.

Validation for science-based startups

AOKI Medical: Develops a system that can identify bladder cancer instantly and non-invasively, minimizing treatment-time, stress and discomfort for the patient. It provides diagnostic support for urologists and relieves them of extra work involved in storage and registration of the diagnostic results.

Daphne Textiles: The clothes on your back: cotton? Woollen? Synthetic? No matter what makes up our everyday textiles, mass-produced raw materials are not sustainable. Daphne Textile Research BV is using cutting-edge biofabrication techniques to propel the ancient industry of textiles to a cleaner future.

DataHorse: Advanced locomotion analysis that offers instant support in data interpretation.

ImageFun: ImageFun sells an automated imaging system and provides an image analysis service to asses fungal substrate colonisation success. ImageFun aids the customer in substrate quality control, and optimising product quality and mushroom yield.

Jawsaver: Jawsaver’s device combines AI-powered contactless monitoring with a matching wearable to create a non-invasive biofeedback solution to sleep bruxism. Its gentle biofeedback cycle disrupts teeth grinding episodes without affecting the user’s quality of sleep & can potentially reduce the frequency of bruxism episodes over time.

MeTex.ai: When doctors see patients, we write everything down in discharge letters. Then, these letters are manually structured for registration purposes (ICD-10) and other needs. We have developed a pipeline that can do this automatically and want to bring it to market!

Orgonex: Organoids hold great promise for regenerative medicine applications in, for example, cell therapy, tissue engineering or in in vitro modelling including personalized medicine. Orgonex optimizes organoid cultures as there is a need for more robust and affordable technology.

Validation for tech startups

Entor: The larger a community, the more potential value it provides. However, currently, community managers only have insights into 15% of everything that happens between their members. Therefore, we’re developing a matchmaking tool for professional communities that not only connects community members, but also provides insights into who they are and what they need.

Localdesk: localdesk is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for businesses that want individual, high quality and flexible workspaces all over the world, no matter where their workforce lives or their business is located.

Iomete: Managed cloud data platform.

Pili: We are pili, aiming to become the leading services ecosystem in Europe. Pili is building a two-sided marketplace, providing service professionals with online business management solutions and a digital shop window as well as a one-stop shop to customers for any service needed.

Sprinque: SPRINQUE is creating a real-time payment platform that connects SME buyers with credit and financing options at the point-of-sale, allowing them to pick the payment terms that suit their situation best, while merchants are paid upfront.

Validation for student startups

Assess.ai: We are developing AI technology that personalizes care for your mental health. Our program makes precisely-tailored, data-informed assessments and treatment predictions for mental healthcare. We facilitate a tool that assists psychiatrists to match you with the right care for your specific mental health needs.

Date outside the box: We design outside the box dates for couples. All the couples have to do is go out and enjoy their quality time, we do the rest.

Gigtor: Gigtor is a data-driven matchmaking platform for artists and venues of any kind. Gigtor combines human interaction with data to help users in their gig-finding and application management. For a better community, in which artists and venues can find, communicate, .and network with each other with ease and no hustle. Connect people. Exchange cultures.

Spind: SPIND is a platform for connecting athletes looking for a team or sport class, with clubs looking for new members. SPIND will simplify the process of finding a place where to practice sport by creating a network and directly connecting demand and offer.

Worldwide Copywrite: Worldwide Copywrite is an all-in-one copywriting agency that helps SMI’s grow their businesses by connecting them with niche specialist, freelance copywriters.