Life in a Startup Incubator (part 1)

Door Daan Assen op 29 oktober 2014

As of September this year, SwipeGuide, a StarterSquad project, entered the Pressure Cooker program at Startup Incubator UtrechtInc in the Netherlands. SwipeGuide is a platform that enables you to create, share and use visual step-by-step instructions on mobile devices. You can check out to learn more about the startup. In this blogpost, I will focus on our first two months at UtrechtInc. And yes, as the title suggests, there is more to come ….

Entering the Pressure Cooker

UtrechtInc’s Pressure Cooker program is a 4-month program that helps startups validate their idea and create a solid foundation for success. The program is rooted in Lean Startup and Customer Development principles and focuses on healthcare, education and energy startups. To enter the program, we had to go through a selection process consisting of an application, pitching and Q&A sessions. With some sweat and tears, SwipeGuide was selected as one of the program’s 8 startups from over 50 applications. It seems that internet startups are hot when you look at the number of applications submitt…

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