How to build and grow an online fashion community: Step Two

Door Startup Juncture op 17 juli 2014

First of all, I would like to introduce myself very briefly. I am Joep, co-founder at United Wardrobe, responsible for all the ‘technical processes’ and the helpdesk. Last month you could read our first experiences since our launch in January. Sjuul told you about our mission, to become ‘the largest online wardrobe of the world’. At the end, we want to connect our users from all over the world with each other. However, we are not so far yet. Let me tell you about our experiences of last month, and most of all, how we managed to grow from 80 to 8.000 users since our launch.

Girls from 16 – 26, an easy and difficult target group

Since the launch in January, our users uploaded more than 30.000 items. For me that is a surprisingly high number, because it means our users are willing to spend (a lot of) time on United Wardrobe. If I say ‘users’, it mostly means girls between 16 and 26. Right now, 95% of all our products are meant for women. That is partly because women just love clothing and shopping, but most of all: talking about it. This is not just a generalization of women, it…

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