Ten rules to write a press release: The Startup Basics

Door Suzanne Blotenburg op 26 november 2014

BLOG: Ten rules to write a press release: the startup basics

At the marketing & communications department at YES!Delft we receive a lot of questions about PR and media. Because cool new services or ground breaking products need to find an audience (and deserve one!).

One of the most tried methods to reach this audience is by writing a press release. But if you’re not a great writer, this may be a challenge. Where to start?

Of course we can provide you with personal advice, a great media network and people with the skills to write. But it wouldn’t hurt to think about the core of your business yourself: a good pitch is the basis of a great press release.

So if you have a spare hour or so, just sit down and grab a pen (pc)! Together with our partners from ANP Pers Support we made a list of ten basic rules to remember when writing a press release, or at least attempting so.

1. A press release is not the same as an advertisement
When you write a press release, you’re working for the journalists, not for the company that you’re trying to promote. A good press release is about show…

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