Utrecht Startup of the Year

StartupUtrecht organizes the first edition of the Utrecht Startup of the Year. On November 20, during Crossroads 2020, our jury will crown 1 early stage startup (max 5 years old) and 1 later stage startup (5-10 years old) with the title. Both startups will receive prizes worth €5.000 – €10.000.

Vote for your favorite early stage startup below and get them in the finals.

All startups below are early stage startups. 3 finalists will be selected by the first jury, 3 spots will be given to the 3 startups with the most votes and we will give away 3 wildcards to the winners of the pitch events during Crossroads. Out of these 9 startups, the second jury will select a winner.

Out of all later stage startups, our first jury will select 5 finalists. The second jury will select a winner.

Crossroads 2020 program


Bijles Aan Huis has developed a platform for students (mostly secondary school) to get tutoring at home. The platform allows pupils for instance to choose their tutor and make appointments, to share teaching material and notes, and to look back tutoring sessions. More information via. www.bijlesaanhuis.nl.


Bittiq offers aggregation of financial data, smart data analytics and tools for financial well-being. In doing so, they enable companies to leverage secure access to financial data to improve their services for their customers. More information via www.bittiq.com.


Brainial has developed smart tendering software that helps organisations to reduce the time, resources and moneyspent when responding to tenders and to gain a higher quality, win rate and profitability. The software analyses tender documents in seconds instead of days, have all requirements, risks and  bid indicators in one clear view. More information: www.brainial.com.


De Contenkalender (The Content Calendar) has developed a tool that supports companies with their content management and their entire communication planning. The tool provides a dashboard with a planning, tasks and who they are assigned to, and a single spot to access all relevant information. More information via: https://contentkalender.nl/.


De Clique works towards zero-waste cities in which all waste streams are reused. DeClique offers a carbon neutral pick-up service of waste / raw materials and provides insights in the raw materials flow and carbon savings. The waste that De Clique picks up, is turned into new products that can be sold. More information via https://declique.nl/.

Dialogue Trainer

Based on research at Utrecht University, DialogueTrainer developed a training tool that enables their clients’ staff to train their conversations. Clients can be found in healthcare, sales organisations and in training & education. More information via www.dialoguetrainer.com.


DigiDok aims to make healthcare future proof by innovating and digitizing healthcare for healthcare providers & companies. With the app ‘Spreekuur’, co-developed with Topicus, they make it possible for you to contact your general practitioner without a visit to the practice. More information via https://digidok.nl/.


EatMyRide has developed a platform that enables professional race cyclists, dedicated amateur rider or adventurer to get their nutrition spot on, so that they can perform optimally. The EatMyRide app uses AI to provide personalised and professional nutrition planning. More information via https://eatmyride.com/.


Foodsy has developed an app that enables commuters and other users of public transport, to pre-order their food and drinks so they can skip the line when they arrive at the railway station. It enables the retailers to improve the customer satisfaction and serve more customers in the same time. More information via www.foodsy.eu.

Friday Energy

Friday Energy has developed a battery that ensures the most efficient way of energy use and storage: the Friday Battery. With the Friday Battery you can optimize your energy management, by sharing possible shortage or oversupply with the community. More information via: https://friday.energy/friday-energy/.


Goin’ has developed an app that facilitates connections and creates communities before people even arrive at their destination. It enables students to find and connect with their (future) fellow students even before arrival at their university. And expats are able to find and connect with their (future) colleagues even before arrival at their company. More information via https://goinconnect.com/.


Helpr.ai developed chatbots that provide educational support for organisations. Hepr.ai builds chatbots that explain guidelines to staff in a company, or provide a learning experience for students. More information via  www.helpr.ai


Holomoves develops mixed reality exercise games that can be used in health care. The games increases adherence to exercise and enables movement monitoring during independent practising. It also prevents unnecessary healthcare costs by reducing complications, readmissions and length of hospital stay. More information via www.holomoves.nl.


Hooray has developed an all-in-one HR tool that brings together all files and information of employees. This enables an automated processing of incidents such as leaves, declarations, contracts and holidays, allowing entrepreneurs and HR-staff to focus on more important issues. More information via: https://www.hoorayhr.io/.


Insmart has developed an IoT solution that enables predictive maintenance for gas boilers. After installing the plug & play module of Insmart on the boiler, maintenance companies will receive notifications on failures, required maintenance and warnings on upcoming malfunctioning. More information via www.insmart.nl.


Iwell has developed the Cube, that stores clean electricity, and returns it when necessary. This way consumers and companies can also use solar power when the sun is not shining for a while. The battery also supplies power when the demand is spiking. Thus, the peak load is lowered which may allow the user to get a lower grid connection and thus save a lot of money. More information via: www.iwell.nl.


Learned has built a platform that allows employees to map their skills and map their profile with new positions. It provides HR teams with insights in performance, potential and skills of employees and quickly find the right candidates for projects or functions. More information via www.learned.io.

Listen & Learn

Listen & Learn’s mission is to make studying more efficient, flexible and easier. Together with publishers and experts they have developed a platform with podcasts about difficult exam material, allowing students to learn by listening, where and when they want. More information via https://www.listenlearn.nl/.


MeterInsight offers companies in various industries a single Cloud platform where data from sensors and meters are automatically collected and validated. It enables companies to easily interpret this data and let them configure scalable and robust solutions. They accelerate the preparation and delivery of Data Science projects and cut the average project time of 1 year in half. More information on http://www.meterinsight.com.


Moveshelf has built an all-in-one application for movement labs. They provide cloud-based software for movement data from all kinds of sources, that supports medical staff with interactive reports and 3D animated characters. More information via www.moveshelf.com.


Nearones creates a platform that brings together reliable people that want to help nearby others with daily tasks and earn a bit of money while doing that. More information via https://nl.nearones.com/.


Neurolytics has developed a solution that enables companies to objectively measure specific qualities of candidates, based on behavioural characteristics from psychophysiological biometrics. Neurolytics offers a platform for measuring human behaviour in a scalable manner through unbiased and scientifically validated measures, enabling companies to leave bias out of the hiring process. More information via www.neurolytics.ai.


Oddity has developed an algorithm that is able to detect violence in surveillance video feeds. The Oddity is able to monitor thousands of video feeds real time, with a detection speed of less than half a second. It allows their customers to catch 4 times more incidents. More information via www.oddity.ai.


Orbisk has developed a fully automatic food waste monitor. The monitor as an AI-based camera that automatically recognizes the products that are thrown away. It enables restaurants and catering companies to reduce their food wate by 50% and increase their purchasing margin by 5%. More information via: https://orbisk.com/nl/.


Packaly provides express delivery by shipping parcels all over cities, operating without a single touch of CO2. Customers can have their purchase delivered on bicycles, fast (within an hour) and straightforward. Packaly offers scheduled or on-demand delivery. More information via https://packaly.com/nl.

Perfect Place

Perfectplace has built a data platform based on open source data and data from partners. The data relates to the built environment, mobility, sound etc., and using machine learning and AI, PerfectPlace is able to support clients with decision making information. More information via www.perfectplace.nl.


Rebottled designs and produces drinking glasses out of upcycled bottles. Empty bottles are transformed into 100% sustainable design items in their own factory, without the use of raw materials and without waste. More information via: https://rebottled.com/.


Recruit Robin has developed an AI tool that enables recruiters from companies to save time. Based on a function profile, Recruit Robin’s tool is able to search for relevant candidates and is able to find contact details of the most interesting candidates in order to enable the client to approach the most interesting candidates. More information via: https://www.recruitrobin.com/

Red Kubes

Red Kubes helps lean software companies move faster with Otomi Container Platform, a ready- to-use Kubernetes-based container platform that can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster on any Cloud or on-premise, in under an hour. More information via https://redkubes.com/.


Satelligence uses satellite data to provide their clients with real time information on what is happening in their supply chain. Think: palm oil, cocoa, coffee, timber, etc. This allows their customers to make sustainable sourcing decisions. More information via: www.satelligence.com.

Scotty Technologies

Scotty Technologies, the makers of Scotty, the Voice and Chatbot that automates customer contact phone calls, chats and emails in any language and 24/7. Besides great experience and value from the conversations Scotty handles, it provides Scotty customers with insights on what their customers care about, want and need. More information via: https://scottytechnologies.com.


Sensorfact helps industries to reduce their footprint and energy bill by eliminating energy waste in a smart and easy way so they can focus on production. The sensors and software platform that Sesnorfact has developed, give manufacturers insights on machine level. More information on www.sensorfact.eu.

Skully Care

Skullycare has developed an app and an algorithm that measures the shape of the head of a baby. By using this algorithm, the effects of treatment of skull deformation (Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly) with babies, can be evaluated by parents. The app adds a treatment plan and exercises. More information via www.skullycare.com.


Sundata provides owners of solar panels with information on the performance of the panels. Clients are for instance housing corporations, farmers and individual home owners. Sundata provides dashboard and analyses that enable early interventions by their clients. More information on www.sundata.nl.


Trengo has created the next generation inbox: one inbox for all customer contact channels such as social messaging, chat, email, voice & text. Their solution offers a cross collaboration tool for remote teams. More information via www.trengo.com.


UCrowds had built a software solution that can predict what a crowd will do, at a busy event or in a building in case of an emergency. It can also be used to study the effects of social distancing measures on a building or environment. The software has been used for simulation projects with clients including the Tour the France, the Vuelta, Schiphol airport. More information via www.ucrowds.com.


Watermelon builds chatbots that clients can use to automate customer conversations and collaborations within teams. Watermelon’s software offers clients insights in their clients, a dashboard and integrations. More information via www.watermelon.co.


Withthegrid has developed a software application that helps energy suppliers to manage the condition of their assets. It analyses time series data, detects anomalies and assigns them to their  personnel. It helps to avoid unplanned maintenance, and increases the lifetime of the assets. More information via: https://withthegrid.com/


With Yumii, parents can get a subscription on nursery essentials. Based on a monthly subscription fee, they can rent or return what they need, like a maxi cosi, cosleeper or stroller. Yumii refurbishes the returned products and makes them available for new subscribers. More information via: https://yumii.shop/.