Looking for resources to teach your students the basic skills in startup entrepreneurship? With these workshops, students learn if there is a market need for their solution and if an entrepreneurial career fits them. Next to that, we are available for jury member positions for your startup or pitch competition.

For whom

For everyone who thinks about teaching startup entrepreneurship or already does so. Specifically for scalable ideas and tech startups.


The workshops are 1.5 hours max and are focused on Lean Business Modeling, Customer Discovery, Pitching, and Funding.


For professors and teachers at Utrecht University, the UMC Utrecht, and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, we offer our services free of charge, when available.


Lean Business Modeling

How do you turn an idea into a business? How do you make money? During this workshop we teach you how to work with the Business Model Canvas and we will get you started with your own business model.

Customer Discovery

Who is your (future) customer and what is the problem you're solving? Gain insights in potential clients and market and work on value creating solutions for problems. How do you interview potential clients and what questions do you ask them? We'll explain in detail and you will practice a client interview.


We work on the art of pitching. We explain what's needed to present your idea to an investor or to potential clients. Of course, you will practice your own pitch.


This workshops answers the why, how and what questions about startup funding. Learn about different types of funding and discover different kinds of investors. Including pros and cons for each one. Using well-known do's and don'ts we also elaborate on where to find the right investor and how to approach the entire process.