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New Science-based Startups in UtrechtInc’s Validation Program

How much does it cost to prevent child labour? Can we prevent death caused by chronic respiratory disease? These are the topics that the science-based startups in our current validation program are tackling. 


Last month we kicked off the latest batch of our validation program for science-based startups. Although the participants come from different faculties and work on rather diverse projects, they all have the desire to make an impact on society with their research by implementing it in the market. During the coming 7 months, they will learn how to set up a business model around their concept, explore exactly who their user group will be, develop a convincing pitch, dive into different funding alternatives and much more. 

So, who are the brave startup founders taking this leap? Let us introduce the Fall 2022 batch: 

Oiconomy Pricing

Preventive costs as an inclusive measure of product sustainability

Ever imagined a real price economy where all the prices of products represent the ‘full costs’ of production? Also including the costs of preventing child labor, climate change, biodiversity loss, corruption and so on? And thus, enabling the most sustainable product to be the cheapest?

Oiconomy Pricing has developed a full-cost accounting method to calculate the price of preventing negative sustainability impacts of products, which enables companies to adapt production processes together with their suppliers. At the moment their target and customer group are front-runner companies in sustainability with supply chains connected to the Global South. 

The team consists of Anna Walker, Walter Vermeulen, and Pim Croes.


Maximize drug discovery for respiratory diseases

Did you know that 1 in 12 individuals worldwide suffers from a chronic respiratory disease, such as asthma or COPD? As many as 4 million people die each year from respiratory infections, caused for instance by respiratory viruses. This points to the urgent need for novel therapies for respiratory diseases.

LOKTU is committed to maximizing pre-clinical drug discovery for chronic and infectious respiratory diseases, by providing pharmaceutical and biotech companies with advanced human respiratory cell technology as a high-throughput screening platform.

The team consists of Gimano Amatngalim and Jeffrey Beekman


Do you want to learn more about this validation program? Check it out on our website or reach out to the UtrechtInc team


Published November 2022