Collaborating with startups means access to innovative technologies and new markets, but also an entrepreneurial mindset. What does your organization need? Read our pitch deck for more information and on how we can collaborate.

Get in touch with startups at UtrechtInc. Discover the latest innovations

Matchmaking with entrepreneurs and partners from the region

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1. Why should we get in touch with startups at UtrechtInc?

Through a partnership with UtrechtInc, you will get exclusive access to our startups and you will be in direct connection with the most innovative entrepreneurs and their ideas.

2. Do you have a regular partnership?

We believe in a custom made approach for each partner. We connect your needs to our offerings and together build the road to success.

3. How do you measure the success of corporate innovation?

We constantly measure in what stage your innovation is. Through bi-weekly progress sessions and discussions with supporting experts.

4. Can we only get in touch with the startups at UtrechtInc?

As a local partner for Startup Utrecht and a regional partner for Tech Leap, we have a large network of startups and entrepreneurs in the province and outside. That’s why we can find a unique group of founders for every single partner.

5. What role do we have and what role does UtrechtInc have?

The partner has unique market and product knowledge. Next to that, you are usually the launching customer of a startup. UtrechtInc facilitates, next to our programs, a network of mentors, startups, and investors.

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