UtrechtInc’s 350 startups have raised €4 billion in funding, created 5150 new jobs and generated €800 million in revenues in 2022.

UtrechtInc has released its results for 2022. Established in 2009, UtrechtInc has been at the forefront of empowering entrepreneurs, providing access to top-notch resources, mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities. Since its inception, the incubator has supported 350 startups, which have collectively created 5150 new jobs and generated an impressive revenue of €800 million in 2022. Over the years, UtrechtInc startups have raised €4 billion, including €4 million in funding from the Rabo Pre-seed Fund, which has been instrumental in helping early-stage startups secure capital.

UtrechtInc’s community consists of researchers, students and entrepreneurs who receive support in starting their innovative (science-based) tech business. On average, UtrechtInc hosts 35 startups in-house and supports more than twenty startups in various stages of acceleration, providing them with access to a network of 175 mentors and experts and 13 service partners. The community fosters an ecosystem of collaboration and networking, and forms an integral part of the incubator. On top of that, the incubator offers validation programs that help participants to test their ideas in the market. These programs are run multiple times a year.

UtrechtInc’s contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation have been recognized globally, and the incubator has been selected as a top 10 university business incubator worldwide by UBI Global for the third time.

The results of 2022 show UtrechtInc’s effectiveness in supporting startups, creating jobs, and driving economic growth. With a track record of success and a commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, UtrechtInc is confident to remain at the forefront of supporting startups and driving innovation in the years to come.